Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Friday Knights Episode 3

Watch the new Friday Knights about I Am Legend.

Monday, December 8, 2008


So, we have been paying particular attention to Milo's weight. Because Cody, we think, is the runt of the liter. I have always wanted a big dog and when I finally had a good chance of it I got stuck with 53 pound Cody. So we have been hoping Milo would do a little better.

He already looks "fuller" than Cody which is a good sign. So I decided to weigh Milo again because I picked him up last night and he felt really heavy.

40 POUNDS!! The chunker weighs 40 pounds. That's only 13 pounds less than our fully grown Cody and Milo is not even 6 months old yet. Looks like He's well on his way to being that big dog.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Lights

Christmas is my favorite time of year by far. Everything is so happy, everyONE is so happy all the time for that matter. One of my favorite parts of the Christmas tradition has always been setting up the tree and all the lights. Though admittedly in years past the lights part was never really that big of a highlight and I would kind of crap out half way through it. But now that I have my own house this year it was a little bit different.

Kristina went on a little bit of a splurge with all the Christmas lights and decorations. Luckily Jared was over at the time and he was ale to help us set everything up, all the while commenting on our tree's lack of....well, life. And then there were the ornaments and things to put on the tree.

Then the lights. The outside is all white, as evidenced by the picture, and the ones hanging from the gutter are supposed to be those icicle kind, but they are still shriveled from the package so it looks kind of lame. But, after freezing out in the cold, hanging off the porch railing, (I thought those days were behind me, but alas, seems I will be doing it at least twice a year) and arguments about light placement, several return trips to Wal-Mart, we finally finished. And I must admit that it was pretty fun doing the lights the whole way through this year.