Sunday, October 5, 2008

Milo and Cody Update

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now. Just wanted to update everyone on the whole Milo and Cody situation. Because as you all my know, due to a prior post, when we first got Milo Cody was all up in his grill like 24/7. Which I suppose is understandable because it's a new thing, and Cody is used to being by himself and the center of attention.

However, I am glad to report that things have settled down considerably. They act more like buddies now than Milo just being Cody's plaything. Every once in a while Cody will steal whatever Milo happens to be playing with. But for the most part they just leave each other alone. They will still play with each other, it's just not a constant thing.

When they do play Cody will lay down and flip over on his back to get down to Milo's level. I think it must hurt Cody, though Kristina disagrees, because Milo will bite down on his "mane" on his neck and jerk it around like dogs do. But Cody doesn't do anything, he'll just playfully bite Milo's ear. I must say that Milo does start a lot of the "fights" though. He will run up behind Cody and bite his back legs and try to jump on him and run away. Cody has turned out to be a lot better than we ever expected.

They have even got to the point now where they will sleep with each other. Granted it only last about a minute before they start scrabbling, mostly because Milo will bite Cody, but it's still cute. Last night Milo was laying with Kristina on the couch and Cody jumped up with them and started licking Milo like he was cleaning him. Milo just laid there and took it and it was very cute. And I know I am using the word "cute" a lot in this post, but don't think any worse of me for it.


Anonymous said...

"Cute" is exactly what your dogs are, so it is a good word to use repeatedly. I like watching them play in the yard at my house, both with each other and chasing their wiffle (Milo) and hard ball (Cody). They are so cute! Mom

Anonymous said...

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