Friday, October 17, 2008

New Spring Graphic Novel

So this past Monday was probably the most exciting day of my life. Not really, but I was pretty excited. Because my Wheel of Time graphic novel (comic book to the untrained eye) finally arrived. And that in itself is a miracle. I spent the previous couple of weeks searching comic book stores and regular book stores for the series and cannot find it anywhere. Even searching online they are all sold out except for one website. Whenever I come close to finding another website that would sell them the website is either shut down or they are only selling one....used. Now needless to say that the site I did buy it from is way overcharging. To save my mothers sanity I will not say here how much I did shell out for only 1 volume out of 5. Suffice it to say I would rather not do so again, if it can be helped. So I call upon you, my faithful blog followers to keep your eyes peeled, though good luck having a better time of it than I did.

Anyway, the book itself is really cool. It's nice to see the things that I have been reading of. Especially for a fantasy book where a good deal of the things are made up, it's nice to know what the author is thinking. Now about this time I am going to start losing my audience because no one really cares but me, and maybe Ian, though he probably gave up on reading this blog a while ago.

Though on a final note they are producing books now on the rest of the series and the first is due out in December, so I'm excited about that too. Hopefully they will be a little bit more accessible.


Nick and Kristina said...

babe...I like you blog!!! mostly because I like the way your face lights up when you talk about this "graphic novel"!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Graphic novel....comic book. Comic book....graphic novel. Only difference is the price and the target age group!!! Anyway, glad you are enjoying it. Mom

dave + jess said...

Very odd. Creative, though, I must say: publishing a graphic novel first to peak interest in the series. Have fun!