Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The 10 List: Minor Irritations

So today I launch a new segment on this here blog called, "The 10 List." First off let me say that this is not a VH1 style countdown, it is just a list. The members of this list are in no particular order, ranking things just frustrates me and causes ire in others. So I hope you enjoy these, they came out of what me and Nick call "brainstorms", where we just pick a topic and see how many things we can come up with, it's fun, and most of the time pretty us. Anyway, here is the first list of things that I find really irritating in everyday life.

  1. Thirst v. Urination - The conundrum in which one is very thirsty but also has to urinate very badly and is forced to choose between the two.
  2. Light Switch Direction - This happens when there are multiple light switches to one light. The light will be off but the switch for it will be up when all the other switches on the panel are rightfully facing down.
  3. Anonymous Pizza Boxes - No logos on the pizza box. Oh man, this pizza is really good, where is it from?...No body knows, bummer.
  4. Signal but no turn - An especially annoying bit where the driver of the car in front of you is oblivious to the fact that their blinker has been on for the pas mile and a half. Somehow they manage to ignore the odd clicking noise and blinking light on the dash.
  5. Change Jingler - You know what I'm talking about if you have ever been in an awkward conversation with someone. The other person seems to think that the situation would become less so if he stands with hands in pockets and jingles all the change in them during the silence. Is he trying to show off his money, or what?
  6. Know What I'm Saying? - Basically anybody who ends every sentence with"Know what I'm saying?" Only they were mumbling so badly the only part of the sentence in which you did know what they were saying was the last bit. Ironic. People guilty of this are usually from the "urban culture".
  7. Condescending Computer Nerd - Everybody knows what I'm talking about, whether it was the Tech Support guy on the phone, or the lonely looking kid in the back of the room I was trying to befriend. Sorry for asking what a binary code was.
  8. Socks and Shoes - This is when the sock sticks to the shoe instead of your foot when you first put your shoe on. It results in the sock rubbing up against your foot in a very irritating fashion.
  9. Back Splash - I know we have all experienced this so don't knock me for it. When you are taking a poop and one falls in and the splash gets on your butt. Really annoying, and uncomfortable.
  10. Shaving - Pretty self-explanatory, and both guys and girls suffer from it. Some people get a hard time for not shaving for a while, while girls can more easily conceal the fact, fair? No, it's not like I'm going to wear a mask around just so people don't know.
Well I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for more lists. If you have any ideas for a brainstorm, let me know, and I'll see what I can come up with.


Fizzrate said...

Dude great list. I aggree with #1, #2 (though i know it unavoidable due to double throw, triple pole switches), #3 , #4 (extremely annoying to me though I'm guilty of it often due to high music volume levels...), #8, #9 and #10.

I am however very guilty of #7. I can't stand when someone doesn't know what I know when im talking about some computer thing, I don't know why that bothers me...?

I have not expirienced #5 or #6 though...

again great list. we should come up with more and petition to the human race to fix these problems. haha

The Khaje Khronicles said...

interesting. great list.

Anonymous said...

I have another one to add to your list, Nick. Not picking up the cell phone when your mother is calling you from a ditch, using the last of her strength to hit speed dial #4, KNOWING she'd be better off hitting #2 or #3......

Nicholas M. DiMaio said...

Superb list, Nick. Perhaps your most impressive post yet.

I'm in lockstep with just about everyone presented here. I, too, seek to meet congruence with my light switches and despite "No Turn on Red" laws, inklings of the Nanny State don't rub off on me. That is, if there's no police around... But yeah, definitely hate it when people block the left turn opportunity despite pressure for one to get close to the bumper.

What bothers me about socks is when they are stretched thereby don't hug your feet.

I agree with Justin, we need some guest amendments to that list -- it goes far beyond ten. Just to be fair, let's not include any that involve traffic/other drivers.

Nick and Kristina said...

great START to a list if frustrating things sweetie!!!

and I already have one to add!!!

#1 (as if you were actually listing them most annoying to least): when a wife so graciously asks her husband do some things around the house only to come home and see them not done in any form and then words "I forgot" just flows out of the mouth!!!


dave + jess said...

That's my brother for ya! Actually I can agree with most of the list...embarassingly enough. And I would add more to this comment, but your nephew is squeaking and squawking which means he'll wake up in a minute demanding food!