Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Backyard again...

So yesterday I continued my get-work-done-that-should-have-been-done-months-ago week and got cracking on the backyard. I started on the far end where the shed used to be because it was easier and I didn't want to get myself discouraged too soon into my new found motivational self. Only problem was that side of the yard, while mostly devoid of any rocks, is infested with roots. It wasn't so bad because they were tiny little ones that broke after a little bit of tugging. But almost every time I moved the rake it would catch on a little root, irritating.

Before picture: If you look really close you can see
a pile of sticks and stuff in the way back.

Well, I was only about 5 minutes into the project when I decided I was just going to do this half of the yard today. This way I could get it completely done and have at least some of the yard looking decent if and when my motivation for this little adventure wore off. So I used my fallen DirecTV as a divider line (got to use it for something) and did a little over half of the yard. I also decided that I wasn't going to worry about the hill either, I could put mulch on there in the spring or something. Now, most likely that won't happen, but it makes me feel better for now.

I started with all the debris that has accumulated over the summer, fallen branches and such. put that into two full garbage bags and hauled them out to the trash. Next came the time consuming part, the raking. I don't have enough funds for top soil so I am forced to do the best with what I got. The soil itself doesn't look that bad to me (and my professional eye) where there is any soil not obscured by rocks. I dug up the grass seed and fertilizer that has been sitting under my porch since I bought them back in April. Ideally you are supposed to have a spreader that does this for you, but, again, funds being limited I was forced to do it the biblical way, with my hands. I thought it came out alright, so I did the same with the fertilizer. Then I just sprayed some water on it, and on myself but that was unintentional.

This is the after believe it or not. The foreground is the part
I didn't do, the background is the part I did.

Now I'm feeling really good about getting the next installment done today, or at least making a good dent in it. Though when I woke up this morning my back was really hurting so I may just use that as an excuse to read Wheel of Time all day.


Nick and Kristina Fusari said...

you will NOT use that as an excuse mister!!! ;-)

Fizzrate said...

well, it is looking better than before. you should post a WAY before pic when the crap old shed was still up. and uh oh, did you sat tv cables fall?

Anonymous said...

I think it looks wonderful, Nick. I am pleased to see pride in ownership coming into play. You can come over to go in the hot tub if you want and then you will be good to go to finish off the backyard! Love, Mom PS It was great having you and Kristina over yesterday. That is FAR better then doing yard work!