Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cody Contained

Yesterday I finished a job six months in the making. I finally built and installed the new Cody-proof gate at the end of the porch. All it took was several arguments, a break-out attempt and a trip to the neighbors dumpster to complete.

Not much to this story really. Kristina and I have been wanting to build a gate for Cody since the beginning of the summer. So every other week or so we would "talk" about how it was not getting done. I wanted it done as much as she did, but you know, the motivation factor was kind of lacking. So fresh off another "talk" with my wife I finally decide to act. So naturally in the dead of night me and Nick sneak over to the neighbors house, who just completed finishing their porch, to help clean up their scrap wood. It was a much cheaper trip than it would have been to Lowe's, though I had to listen to complaints the whole time about splinters and such.

So the next day when Kristina went off to work, I set to work. Which in itself is a rarity, usually when she leaves I plant myself on the couch and, as George Feeny phrased it somewhere in season 5, "dive into a good book." And after 8-10 hours of hard, physically demanding, back breaking labor a new gate was born. (hyperbole)

Now Cody is free to roam as he pleases in and out of the house, ane methinks he is very happy with it.


Anonymous said...

Cody-man, you look too cute in front of your new gate! Nick-man, you said "wife", how cute was that? I swooned and read it to dad. He didn't have quite the same reaction....! Though he did say you did a great job on the gate! Love Mom

Nick and Kristina Fusari said...


dave + jess said...

Look at that Cody-mans face!! He looks puzzled as to why there is a thing blocking his freedom. Not that he does anything particularly exciting when he is free, doesn't he do the same routine? Well, no one ever said he was smart...just cute!