Friday, September 19, 2008


Yesterday was a very long day. But I guess you could call it a rewarding one. It started with a call from the "puppy bus" driver telling us to meet him a Jake's steakhouse at 1:15....AM. Now Jake's is right down the street, so me and Kristina were excited because they could have been up to 60 miles away. So around 12:45 me and Kristina climb in the car and head out, just in case he was going to be early.... He wasn't going to be early. In fact he wasn't going to be on time either.

Meanwhile, we get to Jake's and for anybody who knows this place, it was pretty scary. The parking lot serves all the stores along the main street, and as in most places like that the parking lot is in the back. Apparently none of the proprietors felt the need to leave any lighting in said parking lot at 1:00am, go figure. Except for the one floodlight that is illuminating a very dodgy looking garage full of tools, and probably one or two illegal things. This place looks right out of a Guy Ritchie film and I'm expecting 10 or so heavily armed men in trench coats to step from the shadows and demand to see "the stuff". I mean this whole situation had the feel of a drug deal. Anyway, the car had barely stopped moving when Kristina was dialing these guy's number and asking to move the transaction across the street to a more well-lit area.

So we drive across the street to bunker down having just been informed of a 1:15 arrival. Come to find out the lights are off in this less-than-safe looking plaza too, so we settle to parking on the street beneath a street light and take comfort from the fact that the police station is right down the road. Well, 1:15 rolls around and still no puppy mobile, shocker, and Kristina had just finished her book so she was stuck talking to me. Around this time we started theorizing what this van/bus was actually going to look like, Kristina thought it would look like a big van with no windows, you know, a hitman van, a bank robber van, an I'm-pretending-to-be-a-plumber-but-I'm-really-an-assassin van. Ya that's the kind. So around 1:30 we see a similar van pulling into Jake's parking lot, which we could see from our vantage point, apparently they just decided to ignore our previous phone call.

We call them up, yet again, and ask if that was in fact them, it was, and tell them we'll be right over. So we get out of the car, one of the guys having just woke up, ha, and we see them open the back of the van. The entire driver's side wall is full of cages, full of yelping dogs. Then they extracted from their midst the cutest sleeping tiny little Golden Retriever, who, once in Kristina's arms, put his chin on her shoulder and looked around quietly. We finish up our business and take him back to the car to meet the big brother, Cody, who during the whole 4 minute trip home was foaming at the mouth and drooling all over the dog and Kristina, what?

To make this long story somewhat shorter, I didn't end up falling asleep until 4, getting up at 5:15, and had to sleep in front of the cage to stop Milo from whining. But last night went a lot bit better as the dog was so tired from having Cody harass him all day, he was a pooped pup. Him and Cody get along really well, which surprised me, but Milo has to spend the entire day under Cody literally, Cody walks right on top of him so he is walking between Cody's legs.

But after a somewhat rocky start and lots of fecal matter, urine, bleach and napkins things have settled down nicely.


Anonymous said...

Milo is THE sweetest thing. He is so calm and cute. Give the dogs a few days and you would think they have been together always. Remember when you got Cody and slept with him in his enclosure, in the sunroom for the first few nights? They need time to adjust. However, it is a good thing I did not know my babies were in a sketchy place, in the dark, in the early morning hours.....well, it is a good thing my prayers for you both knows no time limits! Love the little Milo-man. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Nick, tell Fizz that his blog won't allow me to post a comment because I don't have a google/blogger name. Tell him how to do it like you and Kristina did that would let me leave a comment. Thanks.

Fizzrate said...

MILO, MILO-MAN!!!!! yup there are 2, and i think Milo it cuter and sweeter.

Fizzrate said...

ok i updated the anyone can post thing on my blog you can tell (im guessing mama Fus) thats she can leave posts now :)

Nick and Kristina Fusari said...

hey..I'm holding Milo man as I write this post!!! :-)

dave + jess said...

Oh my goodness, Milo is THE cutest little puppy I've seen!! I love his coloring and his little face. It was fun watching him and Cody playing together...we'll if you can call it playing...annoying, antagonizing, bothering may be better word selections. It was fun meeting him, I love his little face!!!!