Monday, September 22, 2008

Progress on Patching up the Porch

Today started off how the past couple days have, and I hope this trend ends very quickly. At 6:ooam I woke up to a very soft whine coming from downstairs. I tried to ignore it but the image of a urine soaked puppy kept me awake until my conscience got the better of me. So I let him out and went back to bed. Kristina got up at 8:45ish and I asked her to wake me up at 9:30. She said okay and went downstairs. Now I had every intention of tackling the war zone that is the backyard today and attempting to get some greenery back there. So, around 9:15 the thought of doing that was getting me antsy to start work, that and the smell of cinnamon buns coming from downstairs. So I get up and make my way downstairs and meet Kristina in the living room with a tray laden with food and a sad puppy dog face on. So I run back up stairs and climb into bed as if nothing happened and got a nice breakfast in bed from my beautiful wife.

Unrelated Kristina picture.

All that to say that a little after I started eating Cody starts barking and we hear movement downstairs, presumably from the neighbor. But the dog continues to bark depsite our protests and whacks on his butt. So just as I'm finishing up breakfast Kristina's phone rings and it's dad saying he's on the porch and ready to work on the gutters that we (more like I) have been putting off pretty much all summer. Also, he brought me a new desk to swap for my old tiny one. Cool.

My new setup.

So anyway, we spent almost 3 hours on the stupid porch roof, but we did make some very good progress, though we are not quite done yet. We got the boards out front back up, the white aluminum stuff back on and the drip edges up. The only really visible part being the white stuff. Which is kind of depressing to do all this work and not see very much from it.

Dad is laughing at me because I was not doing
any actual work in this photo.

And the tough part about working on our porch is that there is a huge drop off and some bushes so it's tough to use a ladder on either half, so we end up hanging off from the railings, and as dad puts it "risking our lives."

Dad "risking his life."

So now all we need is to stick the gutters up there and we will finally be all set with the dumb porch. Needless to say my yard did not get any attention today, apart from removing the branch that killed my DirecTV. More on that later.


Nick and Kristina Fusari said...

YA!!! way to almost ruin my surprise of breakfast in bed for you!!!! (oh DID ruin that surprise!!)

That's ok!! you got some work done on the house and I love you!!!

Sara said...

Re: your latest comment to me...

The entry in question has been amended. Hopefully to your satisfaction. And if not... too bad.


Charles Ian Davis said...

that's an awesome set up man. Haha you do all this amazing work and I comment on the computer Set up but seriously I'm psyched about the porch g keep it fresh werdddddddddd.

Fizzrate said...

Dude i like the new room setup. looks.... WOW CLEAN!!!!!

oh and nice squat Papa Fus LOL!

Nick and Kristina Fusari said...


Anonymous said...

The new office arrangement looks great Nick (cudos to Kristina, the designer of said office). I did not realize my man was risking his life when he was going over to your house. Love, Mom

dave + jess said...

Ha, Nick doing work...of course that picture was staged, you didn't have to mention that ;). Thanks for visiting with Micah today, sorry he wasn't up for lots of visiting, you guys were his third pair of visitors so he probably was all entertained-out. You can come over anytime though, I'm sure you'll hit it right at some point! :)